The Acrylux Waterproofing System can be applied to all kinds of roofs. So no matter what type of roof you have, Acrylux has a system that will improve your roof--without breaking your budget. Simply find your type of roof below and click on the appropriate instruction sheet—that’s it and if you have any more questions, just call and one of our experienced pros will be glad to guide you through your project. 

Waterproofing protects your roof and extends it’s life.
Acrylux Roof Coatings have been protecting thousands of South Florida roofs since 1959. Our waterproofing materials are formulated with advanced technology to produce superior resistance to sunlight, wind, rain, salt, UV and acid rain.

Waterproofing products can be applied to various types of roof and decks, too-

• Barrel Tile    • Metal    • Flat Tile    • Shingle    • Gravel    • Flat Decks


Waterproofing Products

Flat Tile - Waterproofing

Flat Tile Waterproofing using Fib Caulk

Barrel FIB

Barrel Tile

Flat Deck - Waterproofing

Gravel Roof - Waterproofing

Metal Roof - Waterproofing (with no signs of rust)

Steel Metal Roof - Waterproofing (with surface rust)

Recoat Waterproofing

Shingle Waterproofing

Walls - Elasto Waterproofing

Walls - Mastic Waterproofing