Clear Sealers: Water Based & Solvent Based Paver Sealers, and Clear Roof Tile Sealers


Beautiful paver protection--thats our motto.  Protect and beautify your inter-locking pavers with the Colorback line of paver sealers.  It is great for driveways, pool decks, walkways and commercial applications.  We are experts at paver maintenance--so whether its water based or solvent based, high gloss or semi-gloss we can provide the right sealer for your job.

All of our sealers protect against:  

  • Ultraviolet Fading
  • Mildew Formation
  • Surface Degradation
  • Efflorescence




COLORBACK PAVER SEALER is a high quality xylene based acrylic sealer designed to protect and beautify concrete & natural stone paver driveways, walkways, pool decks and patio decks.  

COLORBACK SEALER will protect against ultraviolet fading, mildew formation, surface degradation and efflorescence whitening.  It provides a brilliant sheen and a richness of color unmatched by any other paver sealer on the market. Non-skid additives may be added to COLORBACK SEALER for slip resistant performance.




COLORBACK WATER BASED PAVER SEALER is a low VOC environmentally friendly sealer designed to protect and beautify interlocking concrete pavers.  Use Colorback WC on driveways, walkways, pool decks and patio decks.  It provides a low luster sheen that will waterproof and protect against UV fading, mildew formation and surface degradation.  Go green and still have the ultimate in paver protection!



ACRYGLAZE-UV is a clear sealer for roof tiles and shingles that is designed to keep your roof looking clean and new by reducing ultraviolet fading, water degradation and mildew formation. One coat of ACRYGLAZE-UV is required where most other sealers demand two or more coats.  ACRYGLAZE-UV penetrates and bonds with concrete to form a more waterproof substrate.  ACRYGLAZE-UV can be tinted to restore faded tiles.


  • Stops efflorescence from occurring and spoiling the look of colored roof tiles. Because no water can get into the substrate, no salts, or pigments can leach out and cause a "whitish", washed-out look.
  • Retards mold and mildew from forming on roof tiles because of high levels of biocides as well as the sealing properties. Mildew cannot attach itself and begin to grow.
  • Keeps roof tiles from getting dirty because ACRYGLAZE-UV fills the pores in which dirt may attach itself. Sealed concrete tiles will then provide some self-cleaning with wind and rain.


  • ACRYGLAZE-UV WITH COLOR SEAL  is tinted to natural roof tile colors in order to restore the look of faded tiles.  It provides a semi-transparent finish while maintaining a natural look.
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COLORLOCK is a 2-component water based paver sealer designed for use on concrete pavers, porous stone, brick and cement textures. COLORLOCK dries crystal clear and is non-yellowing and non-whitening. It can be applied same day over surface dry substrates and will promote joint stabilization.

  • 5-Gallons Makes 10 gallons of sealer.
  • Clean and seal in the same day.
  • Color enhancement equal to xylene.
  • Clean sprayer with soap and water.
  • Can be used on most natural stone.





Luxstone is a matte finish water based clear sealer for porous natural stone pavers.  Use on travertine, porous marble, slate, limestone, brick and concrete.   It provides resistance to staining, mildew, water damage and whitening.  An unsealed natural stone surface will quickly absorb spills like red wine, salad dressing, olive oil and lotions.  Luxstone will keep liquids from penetrating and permanently staining your deck surface.  Additionally, Luxstone will resist mildew stains and provide protection from pool chemicals and lawn care chemicals.  Your natural stone deck is not complete without Luxstone protection.