We're Going Green...Low odor low VOC interior paint

Acrylux started its clean-green program in 2008 by producing the general purpose green label interior/exterior flat and semi-gloss paints.  These paints provide excellent performance while minimizing the VOC emissions and off-gassing that can harm the environment.  These products can be used anywhere inside or outside of the home, on walls, roofs, ceilings, wood, metal, masonry and drywall.  The clean green-green program will continue to expand with a full line of interior paints for 2010—it will feature the cleanest indoor air quality available and have virtually no odor or off-gassing.  So when your project requires green certified products, remember, you don’t have to compromise performance or quality when using Acrylux.

Safer and smarter. . .without compromise.

Enviro-Premium is Acrylux's newest vision for interior paint products.  All Enviro-Premium products are formulated with environmentally friendly ingredients which produce a low odor, low VOC, zero carcinogenic paint that outperforms ordinary conventional interior paint. In most cases Enviro-Premium does not require a primer and goes on silky smooth to produce a strong durable finish--unmatched performance by any other low VOC paint.  Enviro-Premium also contains Bioban which is a proprietary antimicrobial which offers protection from odor causing microorganisms, mold and mildew. So now you can have the Acrylux High performance, clean air quality and environmental responsibility--all in one can.  Low VOC that lives up to the Acrylux name.


What is Green?   LOW VOC--NO TOXINS

Why worry about VOCs in my paint?......Acrylux realizes that VOCs are greenhouse gasses that can be bad for your health.  While VOCs occur naturally in nature and simply dissipate into the atmosphere, many come from manufactured products such as paint and can get "trapped" inside your home.  The EPA has found that concentrations of VOCs in indoor air to be up to 4 times greater than outdoor air.  This may not be good for long term health and could contribute to human illness.  This is why Acrylux manufactures only low VOC paint for indoor use.  Its safe for you, safe for kids, safe for pets and safe for the planet.


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Interior Enviro Premium Flat
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Interior Enviro Premium Semi-Gloss
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Interior Enviro Premium Satin
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Green Label Flat
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Green Label Semi Gloss
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