A Real World Exterior Test: Acrylux vs. Sherwin Williams

I was recently asked to prove to someone that Acrylux would be a better choice than Sherwin Williams for a new home being built in Miami Beach.  The customer was familiar with our reputation of superior durability, and long term protection; however, there was concern that less coverage may cost him more labor.  So, we set up a test to see how well we stack up against Sherwin Williams's best paint system--Loxon Primer and Resilience Paint.  We compared this to Acrylux's UL200 Primer and Exterior Premium Paint for hiding, which is the most important factor in coverage ability.

SW Loxon Primer vs Acrylux UL200 Primer

Well, the results were quite conclusive with Acrylux coming out a clear winner.  The Acrylux had superior hiding along with a much whiter appearance.  Both products were able to cover the brand new stucco with relative ease (one coat of primer and two coats of paint) however I wanted to share these results to prove that Acrylux is a win/win when it comes to coverage, cost and durability.

SW Resilience vs Acrylux Exterior