Acry-glaze UV Tint Seal makes my roof look like new

Finished up Friday and the neighbors are telling me it looks like a new roof.  Here are the comparison and finished photos.  3700 sq ft under roof equates to somewhere in the realm of 4200 sq ft.  Excluding the accidental misfiring from my pressure pot (my mistake) and little extra on some portions of the roof in the initial spraying, the job would have required approximately 24 -25 gals to complete.  The product is a perfect mix and the tiles retain much of their natural distinction and actually has greater beauty than when the roof was new.

With the roof repairs after Hurricane Wilma, like so many other roofs in S. Florida, the roof tiles became dissimilar in appearance because the replacement tiles were new and the original tiles were old and faded.

With recent roof caps re-cementing, the Acryglaze does and astonishing job of covering the raw concrete repair with very little effort.

This photo reveals the right portion of the completed Acryglaze UV tinting vs the main portion of the roof with thirty "J" trail of replacement tiles, that are very recognizable even from other property distances.  The roof has been pressured cleaned every year since Wilma yet the replacement tiles still render an unwanted contrast to the original tiles.

Acryglaze Roof work3.jpg

This photo reveals the extreme contrast between the original faded tiles and the color mix from Acrylux that afforded the revived roof distinction that the home owner is completely satisfied with.


After one day of curing, the original "J" replacement tiles are a thing of the past.  The roof color mixing and consistent coverage render a handsome surface reconditioning that should last for years.

A completed view from across the lake.

A completed view from across the lake.