Acrylux Roof Mastic

Acrylux Roof Mastic forms a thick waterproof membrane when rolled on in two thick heavy coats.  When applied to a seamless well pitched roof like cement tile or shingles, Roof Mastic will provide years of waterproof protection and extend the life of an aging roof.  A thick layer of roof mastic will expand and contract like flexible rubber and keeps water out while protecting and maintaining breathability.   Acrylux has a waterproof process for virtually any roof using roof mastic. To find the right procedure for your roof, click here.

Extra Hurricane Protection

WINDPROOF — Acrylux Roof Mastic has withstood the test of time when it comes to protecting your roof from hurricanes.  Because Roof Mastic is applied as a seamless system, 150 MPH winds cannot penetrate under the system and begin to dislodge your roof tiles.  We have many documented cases where the Acrylux Roof Mastic was an integral reason why certain roofs survived direct hits from hurricane Andrew, Wilma, and others.  We cannot guarantee that your roof will not be damaged in a future hurricane, but we don’t know of one single case where an Acrylux Roof System failed during a hurricane!  Acrylux Roof Mastic meets Miami Dade approval standards for high velocity wind zones of the South Florida Building Code, so rest assured, your roof will be truly hurricane proof.  Download a NOA (Notice of Acceptance) of the MIAMI-DADE COUNTY APPROVAL.

Reasons to Protect with White Roof Mastic

The "Sun Sentinel" newspaper created a graphic that explains the importance of retrofitting your roof with cooling, special white paint. 

Click for Larger version of this graphic

Click for Larger version of this graphic

REFLECTANCE—Acrylux Roof Mastic his highly reflective and can reduce roof surface temperatures up to 60 degrees F.  This can mean a reduced indoor temperature of up to 40 degrees F. depending on the insulation and absorption of roofing material and attic air space.  These results are possible due to the 86% solar reflectance and 89% thermal emittance of any roof properly coated with Acrylux Roof Mastic.  Acrylux Roof Mastic has Energy Star and FPL approval which may qualify you for special rebates and money saving offers.