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Tred-Flex "Waterproofing you can walk on"

This flexible, durable, impact resistant coating is a pedestrian grade elastomeric coating designed for foot traffic.  It is available in numerous colors and is easily applied to concrete, wood and roofing substrates.

Recommended Uses:
Tread-Flex waterproof coating will fix leaking balconies, catwalks and sun decks.  It also makes a durable, walkable finish for roof tops subject to pedestrian traffic, dining or observation.

Tread-Flex Surface & Seal is an acrylic deck coating which seals and repairs existing concrete decks, balconies, walks and rooftops. With proper preparation, crack repair and good drainage, Tread-Flex will provide a non-slip waterproof surface and long lasting protection. It can be applied over the following properly prepared surfaces: Previously painted concrete, walkways, balconies, Bitumen (new or aged), flat roofs, low slope roofs, concrete decks and various flooring. Tread-Flex can be used over properly prepared tiled surfaces, spray deck, euro-tile, concrete Chattahoochee, wood decks and docks.

This beautiful, flexible,
durable, impact resistant coating is available in numerous colors and it is easily applied to Concrete, Wood and Painted Surfaces.